Become The Opposite – 13/55 Features of Best-Selling Board Games

Become The Opposite – 13/55 Features of Best-Selling Board Games

When you have a best-selling board game in your portfolio, you often find out that there are some flaws in the game. Despite the obvious commercial appeal of the game, sometimes the gameplay experience or the positioning of the game in the market open up some obvious possibilities to compete with the successful game by taking an opposite position in the market.

By way of an example, if you read online consumer reviews, many people state that the main versions of Trivial Pursuit take too long, and for some (but not all), can be too serious. This is despite the fact that Trivial Pursuit is one of the top selling board games of all time and is usually one of the first games mass market gamers get out to play when they have a social occasion.

Going back in time a while, Trivial Pursuit faced a strong competitive threat from upstart game ‘Wits & Wagers’, which made trivia game play more accessible by adding a gambling element which means that the smartest person doesn’t always necessarily win.

For every fantastically successful game out there, there is a gap in the opposite positioning to that game…therein lies a huge amount of opportunity!


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