Allow Kids (and Big Kids) To Bash Or Crash Something Frantically!

Allow Kids (and Big Kids) To Bash Or Crash Something Frantically!

48/55 Features Of Best-Selling Board Games

If you hadn’t already noticed kids love smashing and bashing things. Games which allow them to exercise this urge without censure sell by the bucketload. Two of the best examples of this would be Hungry Hungry Hippos and Whac A Mole.

Hungry Hungry Hippos launched back in 1978. Industry veteran Fred Kroll reportedly discovered the game in Japan and licensed the international rights for the game. After selling those rights to Hasbro, Kroll was able to live comfortably from the resulting royalties. The game has sold many millions of units over time. The long-term success of the game is based on the impulse of kids (& big kids) to bash things and to compete in a frantic fashion.

Physical games can be massive sellers, as long as the play is frantic and compelling!


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