Board Game Business Consultancy Services

BOARD GAMES BUSINESS CONSULTANCY SERVICES is operated by, a leading expert Consultancy business to the global Toy & Game industries. We are acknowledged as board game experts.

We offer a professional (paid for) expert Consultancy service for companies of all sizes and shapes based on close to 25 years experience of working across the board games business. Lead by our CEO Steve Reece, who has managed the development and launch of hundreds of board games including many variants of Monopoly, Clue/do, Risk, Game of Life, Trivial Pursuit and many more during his time working for Hasbro Games. He has also successfully setup new board games businesses twice creating sales of around $100m in the process.


The following services represent our work as board games experts.

Please don’t send us unsolicited game ideas, we won’t look at or acknowledge unsolicited submissions. However, we can and do look at board games for our paying clients via the following services, but please contact us first to book in and to check our capacity/availability. Apologies in advance, but we are often booked in advance and we have a policy not to over sell, we will only take on work commitments we have capacity to deliver:

Board Game Business Consultancy Calls

We conduct a limited number of fixed cost Consultancy calls each month. These are normally booked in advance, and we have to limit the number of calls we can take due to the pressures of our Consultancy project workload. During the calls we can offer our thoughts and feedback on all aspects of the board games business from how to bring a new game to market, to manufacturing through to feedback on your board games board games ideas. We can also give you some additional contacts of key people across the board games business from distributors to factories to product developers. Please note these calls normally last for 60-90 minutes, which is reflected in the costs. If you want us to review and sign your NDA (non-disclosure agreement) we can do, but we have to charge double the price to cover the time taken to review, amend and sign.

COST: Our Board Game Business Consultancy calls cost £500 GBP or $650 USD, including reviewing & signing NDA = £600 GBP or $800 USD.

Slots for our Consultancy calls are limited, for more information or to book your call just click link below:

Board Game Co Growth Booster program

This is our flagship Consultancy service whereby we work in a focused way on helping you to grow your business. The Board Games Co Growth Booster program works better for established businesses that have achieved some degree of success already in one or two markets and are looking to ramp up export sales to countries around the world.

The service includes:

Strategy review & formulation
Product range plan and gap analysis
Product development process review & improvements
Consumer playtesting research & feedback for your products
Sales strategy formulation
Export Sales facilitation and introductions to potential customers around the world
Manufacturing review to identify cost savings & supply chain improvements

This Consultancy service is very involved and intensive, so requires your full engagement to deliver results. We tend to work with companies on this service for 1-3 months, during which time we work to accelerate your growth plans. Due to the long sales cycle in our business we can’t guarantee we can deliver sales in this period, but we can start the sales process with you and ensure you are talking to a lot more customers.

COST: Fees for this service start from £3,750 GBP (British pounds) per month, for more information or to book onto the program, please drop us a line via the ‘Contact’ page of this website

Board Games Manufacturing

We have connections with a number of leading board games factories. If you need help to get your game manufactured, we can help. We prefer to work with companies who have games nearly ready to manufacture though. Due to the number of enquiries we receive we regrettably don’t have capacity to offer input throughout the development process for our manufacturing support service. We can though combine our Consultancy services listed above in conjunction with helping you find the right board games factory for your game.


Board Games Expert Witness

We have worked in the capacity of board games expert witness to the courts of Hong Kong and at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, England. Topics we can testify to expert levels on include: sales forecasting for board games, board games market trends, the board games product development process, the board games sales process, the board games marketing process and on board games brands and how to value board games brands for acquisition.


For more information on any of the above services please feel free to drop us a line via the ‘Contact’ page of this website.

If you are a toy start up and you would like expert assistance, knowledge and insights on how the toy & game business works, check our our toy & game business podcast: www.PlayingAt 

How To Start A Successful Toy & Game Business:




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Here’s the feedback from our ongoing customer satisfaction survey:

100% of respondents answered ‘Very satisfied‘ when asked: ‘Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with Kids Brand Insight.’

100% of respondents answered ‘Fully delivered’ when asked: To what extent did Kids Brand Insight deliver on your objectives?


“Steve is a man of integrity. It is always a great pleasure doing business with Steve.”
Director, major Hong Kong/China manufacturing company
“Steve gave us great insights into how the UK and Global toy markets function and invaluable
advice and contacts on the next steps for our product launch.” UK based start up

“The Insight gained from working with Steve has been extremely valuable to us. Steve took care to understand our objectives and to ensure that he delivered above and beyond our expectation.” Ben Harper, Magic Box International

“I have worked with Steve Reece and the team on several complex and challenging consumer testing projects. For each project, Steve has worked to extremely tight timescales, yet despite many conspiring variables, has always delivered an extensive piece of research; meeting all of the key objectives along the way. Each piece of work has fed directly into the project decision process. We have benefitted from a variety of successes and gained many valuable insights as a result of working with Steve and his team.” Paul Chandler, Senior Marketing Manager, Hornby Hobbies

“Its been great to work with Steve and Kids Brand Insight on several key properties. Steve brings a combined understanding of the kids market and the specificities of toy retailers and much more. He has been able to support fine tuning within our positioning both based on the DNA of characters and retail potential. We consider that Steve’s work has been incremental in our ability to make the right decision.” Philippe Soutter, President, PGS Entertainment

“Steve was excellent – very good general knowledge as well as specific regional and product knowledge.” Managing Director of leading Investment company (managing assets/funds worth many $billions )

“I worked with Steve over a few years at Hasbro and was always impressed by his strategic thinking & insight.” Philippa Snellgrove, Global Consumer Insights Director, Hasbro

“Steve is a creative toy & game professional, a thoughtful and open-minded strategist and an excellent writer with great ideas – it was a real pleasure meeting him and working with him.” Michael Hubl, Marketing Manager, Spielwarenmesse (Nuremberg) Toy Fair



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