Get Your Players To Recruit Other Players – 14 of 55 Features Of Best-Selling Board Games

Get Your Players To Recruit Other Players – 14 of 55 Features Of Best-Selling Board Games

One of the best strengths of board games as a business is that you can usually rely on people playing your game recruiting other people into buying and playing your games (as long as your games deliver a compelling and recommendable play experience!).

It takes a lot of money to sell consumer products via marketing and advertising. Why would you spend big bucks on traditional marketing when you can instead invest in incentivising your existing core players to recruit other people to buy and play your game?

Word of mouth/played at a friend’s house is a proven major factor in driving Games sales. Our team has conducted dozens of consumer research projects looking into why people buy and play with Games, and in every study we completed over more than two decades, recommendation, social proof – call it what you like – is the primary factor.

So, in order to ramp up sales of your board games, could you build a marketing program based on encouraging and even facilitating this word-of-mouth effect?


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