Allow People To Show Off – 9th of 55 Features Of Best Selling Board Games

Allow People To Show Off – 9th of 55 Features Of Best Selling Board Games

Not everybody is a show off, but many of us are!

Allowing people to show can be a powerful driver of Games sales. Whether it is showing off general or specific knowledge (i.e. Trivial Pursuit), a particular skill (i.e. drawing in Pictionary) or just general performing (i.e. Charades).

Showing off leads to conversation, banter even, which in turn brings people together generally speaking.

Not everyone is a show off. In fact, some people hate being made to perform. But they can often still enjoy watching someone else make a fool of themselves! Most importantly though, we tend to have different areas where we are in a position to show off – this is where classic games like Cranium come in, because some players will be good at one of the elements, whereas other players will be able to show off different strengths elsewhere. This may be one reason why Hasbro paid $77m for Cranium back in 2008.


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