Blend Multiple Gameplays – 10 of 55 Best Selling Board Games

Blend multiple gameplays – 10 of 55 Features of Best Selling Board Games

One of the challenges with some popular games is that they favour players with a particular aptitude, this means that the level of competition can be unequal, which doesn’t always encourage repeat play, which after all is the cornerstone of successful board games generally speaking.

The best example we can think of a classic game which blends different gameplays is Cranium. On one level you could argue that the core Cranium game was not that creative – featuring several already known gameplay patterns. But the magic of Cranium was in equalising out the gameplay so that someone with a particular aptitude i.e. for trivia or for drawing could not rule the roost because the game tested more than just one thing.

There was certainly something magic enough in Cranium for Hasbro to buy the company and brand for a reported $77m back in 2008!


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