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Include Replica Money – 6 of 55 Features Of Best Selling Board Games

Include Replica Money – 6 of 55 Features Of Best Selling Board Games

 Families love games with money in e.g. Monopoly, Payday, Game of Life, Go for Broke and others have been top sellers for decades for a reason. These family classic games from Hasbro Gaming are perennial because the need for them is also timeless. Families use these games to teach their children about how money works, basic arithmetic and about the importance of protecting your money and not throwing it away needlessly!

Money of course is not just physical, especially not these days. When Hasbro removed the physical money in a version of Monopoly and added in a device which effectively ran the bank, the product was a massive smash hit, beyond even the usually meteoric sales levels of Monopoly versions.

Clearly it is hard to replicate the success of these classic family games, and so for people developing new games the point is to think forward about how money is changing and how it can have a role to play in games. For instance, one of our favourite games to play is ‘Cash And Guns’ from Repos Production, in this game bank robbers try to pull off a successful ‘heist’, and of course cash is one of the big features.


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