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Find A Way That Kids And Adults Can Play Together – 15/55 Features Of Best-Selling Board Games

Find a way that Kids and Adults can play together – 15/55 Features Of Best-Selling Board Games

It can be a major frustration factor in playing family board games when the Adult has to keep losing to ensure the kids remain happy, so Games which balance out the Adult advantage can sometimes sell well. For instance, family targeted versions of Trivial Pursuit often feature different questions for children, and harder questions for Adults, or sometimes the nature of the Game/License makes it easier for the kids to win i.e. in a Disney edition of Trivial Pursuit, kids generally know more of what’s happened in their favourite Disney films, while the adults tend to have a hazy memory of the films they watched as kids themselves.

There are plenty of examples of a family game being aged downwards by simpler rules and themes e.g. Monopoly Junior and Clue/do Junior editions. But creating a game play that can genuinely prove compelling for both children and parents can open up big opportunities for board games. So many ‘Family’ games are really pitched at children and patients playing along to aid the development of their children. BUT if you can deliver a fun and compelling social experience for both within the same game you might just be onto a winner!


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