Give People An Excuse To Be Silly – 34/55 Features Of Best-Selling Board Games

Give people an excuse to be silly – 34/55 Features Of Best-Selling Board Games

Some people act silly naturally, but others need an excuse to act up – and board games can provide that. Children quite easily act in a silly way, because it is enjoyable and hilarious, but a lot of adults frankly speaking are a bit uptight!

There are some timeless classic gameplays which basically allow adults to be silly – the most obvious example would be Charades. There have been many versions of Charades as a boxed game. In more recent years there have been a number of games which are based on acting up in a silly way – Pie Face, Mega Mouth and many more. These types of games which have silly actions more easily lend themselves to viral word of mouth, because people are more likely to share a picture or video of someone doing something ridiculous than they are to share an image of people sat around a board rolling dice.


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