Board Games: Bringing Together Different Generations

Board Games: Bringing Together Different Generations

Board games have a positive impact on society in many ways. One major area of beneficial impact is bringing together different generations of people. In an era when we might still have grandparents who grew up without fixed landline telephones in their houses, many of us take for granted the fully integrated technology which has only come about in recent years and radically revolutionised our lives, our leisure time and our social interaction.

One of the things which can be difficult for families is finding ways to spend time together doing something which is compelling for all, from the more senior members of the family through to busy parents working hard and their children who are more housebound than previous generations and perpetually stuck with their faces on a screen!

Board games offer a timeless play opportunity delivering fun, social connection and a game play format which is understandable and accessible to all these age groups. Teaching your children or your grand children how to play classic board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble or Chess is a true rite of passage. These perennial classic games are in many ways as appealing as they ever were, and in a world where generations are rendered ever further apart by technological advancements, they offer a truly offline experience which brings families closer together.

Covid lockdowns allowing, there will be tens of millions of families playing board games together this Thanksgiving and this Christmas. In 2020, the very definition of a horrible year, it should give us huge pride that so much of our work output is going to be enjoyed by people who really need some help to have a good time and to smile in a tough climate. We should also feel proud that despite humanity’s screen time addiction and all the economic and health damage resulting from COVID-19, our products will be used to bring together different generations and to create golden family moments this festive season.

The timeless appeal and positive social impact of board games has long since been proven, and this year more than ever our industry will be doing our bit to make the world a happier and more socially connected place. Moreover, our games will really help a lot of families to stick together and enjoy each other’s company.


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