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Sneak Some Education Into The Gameplay – 31 of 55 Features Of Best-Selling Board Games

Sneak Some Education Into The Gameplay – 31 of 55 Features Of Best-Selling Board Games           

Creating fun play patterns based on educationally beneficial topics, content and theme can lead to massive sales success. If you look at classic perennial games which have been good sellers over a long period of time, a large proportion of these games are fundamentally educational. For example, Scrabble has sold over 150million copies over time…that’s a massive sales volume. This type of long-term high sales can’t be driven just by marketing spend – marketing spend may help, but it is only possible where the concept of the game and the play experience are genuinely compelling.

It’s not just Scrabble though – Boggle, Upwords and Rummikub have sold many games over time.

The reality is that ‘edutainment’ products can be really successful. What drives this is the desire for parents to play with their children and spend quality time, while also aiding their child’s development. This purchase driver is not limited to board games, we see the same things with Science kits, puzzles and other toy products.


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