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Add Another Dimension – 43/55 Features Of Best-Selling Board Games

Add Another Dimension – 43/55 Features Of Best-Selling Board Games

Scrabble is one of the most successful Board Games of all time, as mentioned earlier in this series. The game play is classic – arranging letters to lay down words and win points.

BUT – that’s a largely 2d play experience. What about adding the height dimension also, how would that change things? Well, that’s what Upwords does. By just adding 3d elements board games can be revolutionised, made more intriguing and appealing, the gameplay can be improved, and it becomes easier to advertise or create video content about them.

The classic MB Game ‘Hotel’ featured a number of high rise 3d buildings which made the game raise above and beyond the board thus improving the experience for players of the game.

And finally, Connect 4 had a 3d version – called Connect 4 Advanced which enjoyed some success at the time. The gameplay was quite radically changed by allowing players to connect on 3 dimensions instead of the normal 2.


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