Get People To Exercise Their Brains – 21/55 Features Of Best-Selling Board Games

Get people to exercise their Brains – 21/55 Features of Best-Selling Board Games

People like to stretch their Brains, and they especially like to prove they are smarter or know more than their friends and family, so brain teasing Games can work really well. There is a reason why Scrabble has been one of the best-selling games of all time, total sales reportedly exceed 150 million copies.

It’s not just Scrabble though – Boggle is another word game which has enjoyed considerable success over time. And of course, then there is the Sudoku phenomena when it seemed like everybody was buying games testing their numeric problem-solving ability.

There is no way you could describe these types of games as high-octane or as highly entertaining, but they do allow us to test our mental acuity, to prove how clever we are, to compete with others and to develop and sustain our brain power.

This type of game then offers much potential for high sales levels.


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