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Facilitate Social Interaction – 8th of 55 Features of Best Selling Board Games

Facilitate Social Interaction

Board games deliver an experience. It isn’t just about what you get in the box, it’s about the social experience your game facilitates.

In an increasingly screen obsessed world, board games can be such a beneficial mechanism to bring people together. Those classic moments we remember so fondly – arguing over a game of Monopoly, someone upending the board because they lost or someone getting caught cheating – these are all imperfect conduct, but also become part of family lore over time!

Increasingly human beings are in the same room physically, but in different digital worlds mentally. Good board games give us a reason to interact in a real genuine way. There are a million ways to execute this within a game – but for instance, if you draw a card which lets you steal a card from another player, that instantly brings things to life in terms of interpersonal interaction, because then you need to decide which player you will take a card from, and perhaps you will even feel the need to gloat about doing that. These small and simple mechanisms is where much of the social benefits of board games come from.

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